Workout of the week 6/17/18 – 15 min Boxing HIIT workout – beginner friendly!

15 minute HIIT boxing for beginners: Workout video by the Jump Rope Dudes

Alright Everyone, this week I am working out along with a boxing video I found on Youtube.

If you’re like me, I do not have a jump rope right now. That’s ok! Don’t let that be an excuse!

You can just move your arms and jump, as if you had a rope.

It totally works. Plus it’s going to help with coordination when we do get a rope.

Jump Rope Dudes have many other videos too. Check them out!

I like this video because it’s easy. I also like it because it teaches punching.

I am not an advocate for fighting. However, if you need to defend yourself, you should know how. That is one reason why I love boxing training videos. They are a good workout and a good way to learn a little self-defense.

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