Workout Video of the Week! 6/25/18 – Let’s Get It People!!

Workout video:

This week I found an AWESOME 30 minute HIIT boxing workout. 

This is from NateBowerFitness

Nate has a lot of other videos and does an awesome job! 

I just did this video to start my monday! It’s gonna be an awesome day, followed by an awesome week! 


This week is another boxing video!

For everyone out there I just want to say I am not condoning fighting or violence with these boxing videos. Boxing can be great cardio. while I am not saying fighting is right, people should know how to defend themselves if they need to; and these videos can help learn some basic self-defense skills.

Nate does an awesome job coaching through this workout. 

That squat jump/squat section is killer!

So, who’s up for the challenge?

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Thanks for reading! Now let’s get fit! : )

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