A Saturday Adventure: Kaposia Park and then Taco Libre!

A Saturday Adventure: Kaposia Park and then Taco Libre!

This past Saturday was a warm one for a September day in Minnesota. I had been craving some adventure. What better day for an adventure than (what could be) last hot day of late summer? The “Weather thing on my phone” said the temp would be well into the 90s. A perfect day to get a round of disc in! 

I had not been to Kaposia Park Disc Golf Course, in St Paul, yet this disc season. So, after a load of morning laundry; I packed a snack, patched up a hole in my disc bag (with my awesome hand sewing skills), then laced up my “go anywhere” sneakers, and I set out for an adventure.

“Adventure is worthwhile.”

Aristotle – Quote found on goodreads.com

I love this quote. It is simple, but has a clear and profound message. I think we all need adventure in our lives. Some credit this quote to Aesop. I found it from Aristotle. I don’t care which of those old dudes said it, I just know it’s simply true! Sometimes the simplest statements carry the most power and truth. I think this one carries some truth that many people forget. I know forgot this one for a long time! I try hard to seek adventures today, when I can. 

What an adventure Kaposia was too! EPIC course. It might be my favorite course in MN. Kaposia is a trek through the woods. There are lots of trees, lots of elevation changes, and there is lots of wildlife and nature to enjoy along the way. I played the first 18, then went back and played through the 24th basket. 

I had read that they expanded the course to 27 baskets. I had some trouble finding the last three, and was not sure if they had actually been added, or if it was just talk. I looked around, but after the 24th basket, it was mid afternoon and I had only eaten a banana, a few mixed nuts, and a handful of blueberries. The heat was really starting to rise by this time too. I could have asked the guys working, but chose otherwise. I checked my phone app and it said I had walked 7.45 miles for the trip; well over my daily goal of 6000 steps! So I called it a day on the course, and opted to find a local taco shop for some well earned grub! 

*Note, I do not recommend that most people go out and walk seven plus miles without eating much food. I also had a mug of my Orange-Tongued Butter Coffee before hitting the course. I have been doing daily intermittent fasting, or “time-phased eating” – eating with a time window of 11:30AM and 8PM. Here is a great article from Healthline.com that talks about this type of eating plan.

To my great fortune, I found that there is a Taco Libre in St Paul. There is a Taco Libre in Edina, that I pass all the time but have not had a chance to stop at. There were a few other Taquerias in the area, but Taco Libre was the choice for me! 

Let me tell you, the food at this place was better than expected! The tortillas were fresh, the meats were savory and authentic. I even had a Cabeza Taco; that’s beef cheek for the layperson. The chips and guacamole were the perfect partner to my street tacos. Taco Libre was sooo good! 

Pleease check out the video I made of my trip! Thanks for reading. Go find your own adventures! Be happy and healthy my friends! 

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