The Busy Weekend Workout

The Busy Weekend Workout

Good Morning my friends! To kick off the week on the positive, this is the Workout of the Week from This is the Busy Weekend Workout.

As the title indicates, I have had a busy weekend. For that reason, it will be a light-on-the-research post. I am skipping a music part in the post this week for lack of time – you know I am on a serious time-crunch if I don’t have time to #chilloutwithagoodsetofheadphones!

Saturday I was up at 5 am and reading; Mindful Study Intervals and Butter Coffee. I got in three hours in the morning. Then I helped one of my bros move to a new place for the rest of the day, from 10 AM, until we stopped. Moving yesterday netted over 14K steps and 6.7 miles walked. That is just walking and doesn’t count carrying heavy stuff the whole time – A past topic; Helping people move is a great workout!

Sunday, more early reading, then the day has been filled with errands and other tasks like cleaning, meal prep, laundry, and other “adulting”. Not an excuse not to get to a workout in though! 🙂 I got a yoga routine in, got my steps in, and threw some punches in a Tabata freestyle today!

Versatility in Workouts

That’s why I like these Tabata/interval style workouts – I can get them in and get on with my life without spending hours and hours working out. You get cardio, you get resistance, and you don’t waste time. You can split them up if you’re short on time. If you got 16 minutes you get a real tough workout in. You can do a part of these one day, part the next, and rotate through them. Or you could do circuits, like last week.

The goals this week are to continue to try to get at least 7,000 steps a day, on five days through the week. For the next part of the workout, I am rehashing the stations from last week, but mixing up the workout routine with them a bit. I am also trying to get in a yoga routine on most days. And of course, I am continuing my “mindful study intervals“, as I prep for my upcoming certification exam.

Weekly Goal Setting, Study Intervals, and Checking Off Those Boxes

I will continue making goal lists for workouts, for work at my job, and for studying. It’s really the only way I know how to keep on top of things. It’s surprisingly effective. I feel writing goals down makes them more real. It gives the tasks some weight. It’s a good feeling to struggle through busy, stressful days and be able to still check off all the goals that you started the week with! I will continue that into this week.

Scheduling study time and using my interval timer for reading is surprisingly effective. That combined with mindfulness is helping me get through the coursework.

Put in the work, check the box, get the goal! #LPSAGs

The Food – Quick “Eggs Bene”

The Food this week is my take on and easy “Eggs Bene”!

Prep and Cooking

  • Wash tomatoes and greens
  • measure 1 cup of milk
  • measure about 1/4 cup of butter
  • Melt butter, pour in milk, mix in “holiday” sauce packet. (as I called it when I was a child)
  • Whisk that nonstop until it boils, then cut the heat and whisk it non-stop for about 1 minute.
  • fry two eggs — or cook to your choice.
  • toast an English muffin – **I buy these multigrain muffins instead of the white ones. 6g protein, 2g sugar.
  • cook down the greens and tomatoes for a minute or two.
  • heat up Canadian bacon slices.
  • plate that stuff and eat it! 🙂
  • I top mine with some Siracha because I am addicted to spicy food! So good! 🙂
prepping my version of “eggs bene”

“Everything tastes good with “Holiday sauce” on it”.

Me ~ Haha! Until I was probably about 12 and finally realized it was Hollandaise Sauce!! I never claimed to be the brightest…

Yes, I know Hollandaise (egg yolk, lemon juice, butter) is pretty easy to make without a store-bought mix. I was just in a hurry and well … had a busy weekend, so I used the store mix for Hollandaise Sauce. Tastes pretty much like homemade.

My mom is probably scolding me right now “just the other day you were writing about “eating real food” and today you’re using a STORE MIX for Hollandaise…”. I know, your right… Mom, you raised me better than that. Hah! Next time I will do the real thing. I might even poach the eggs… For this “quick recipe”, the store mix was a good fit. Plus that eat real food rule is an 80/20 thing! 🙂

The Workout

Round 1

7,000 steps 5 days this week. Any way I can get ’em. Walk/run intervals. Disc Golf. Activities of daily life. A morning sprint/run Tabata circuit. Evening walks through the neighborhood. Getting groceries. Parking in farther parking spots at stores and work. It all counts!

7,000 steps a day.

Round 2

Mon and Thurs – RBFTB set from last week – 3 sets of 8 X 20×10.

  1. Wood Choppers Left
  2. Wood Choppers Right
  3. Standing Bench
  4. Pull backs
  5. butterfly
  6. reverse butterfly
  7. Curls
  8. One-Two Punch combos

Tues and Friday – 3 sets

Core station from last week – same format – Tabata intervals. 3 of 8 X 20×10 – with a one-minute rest between sets.

  1. Crunches
  2. Leg Raises
  3. side leg raise right
  4. side leg raise left
  5. flat plank
  6. side plank right
  7. side plank left
  8. T-Pushups

Wed and Sat — and maybe some bonus days

Freestyle FIIT Tabata rounds with weighted gloves – 3 Tabata sets – 24 X 20×10, or 3: 8 X 20×10 with a one-minute break between rounds. I might fit in a few extra days if I am feeling it. 🙂

Round 3 – Yoga Video

I will be trying to get a yoga routine in to start my day most days this coming week. Yoga with Adriene is one of the best sources for free yoga content on the “interwebs”. Here is another great routine. Check out the Yoga With Adriene Channel and show them some support for the great content!

Make it an Awesome Week!

Thanks for reading! Thanks to the content providers! Be happy and healthy my friends. Be the hero in the story of your life. “I am the hero in this story, and I do the stuff the hero does.” Then go try to do those things. 🙂

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