The Dumbbell (is spelled with 2 Bs) Workout

The Dumbbell (is spelled with 2 Bs) Workout

Oops, there are two Bs in Dumbbell! 🙂

Good Morning my friends! To kick off another week on the positive, this is The Workout of the Week, from This is The Dumbbell (is spelled with 2 Bs) Workout.

We are going short and sweet on the post. No time for research this week. More chasing LPSAGs and checking boxes for me! I have been keeping up with my “Mindful Study Intervals” and that is keeping me on track.

One important task completed is I did map out the rest of what I need to complete for the course. This has helped both make it more real and make it feel more doable. I have a pretty solid road map now. LPSAGs are broken down by lesson plans and I have Four Lesson plans to complete. It’s about 30 or 40 more hours of work I think. I have 28 days until the certification test.

Of course, I should have mapped this out six months ago. Now when I am in crunch time my buddy “Mr. Murphy” keeps popping in on me. You know him they wrote a “law” about him. He likes to come around with distractions and other things to throw you off the course. For example, people who haven’t called me in years start calling me to hang out, or other daily events just pop up as distractions. That’s where the mindfulness practice and the study intervals help keep my focus.

Write a schedule, write goals, write down each task to complete each goal. Then go do it! After its done, put a check in the box and move on to the next! At least that is what works for me!

This Week

The music is a really cool retro-ish, chilled out, “spacey” kind of mix to jam with!

The Food this week is my shredded beef tacos. So good!

The workout will include the goal of 7,000 steps 4 days this week, and I have the added goal of running what I have termed “The Rogan” this week, at Nine Mile Creek – it’s a pretty tough trail walk/run and hill sprint workout! In addition, the workout will include some Tabata rounds with dumbbells and four basic dumbbell exercises. We will round everything off with some mind/body stuff and a yoga video to flow along with.

The Music

I don’t know exactly what “synthwave” is, but I like this video. The art reminds of cartoons back when they were good; when I was a kid :).

The music is chill and spacey and has a cool retro vibe. I can definitely find my flow to the beats! Thanks to SoulSearchandDestroy.

The Food

Shredded Beef Tacos. I bought a pre-marinated beef cut from Trader Joes – Garlic and Herb Beef Sirloin with Chimichurri Sauce. I also added a few pieces of steak I had already purchased, just to add a little more BEEF. 🙂 That all goes into the crock pot. Add the Chimichurri packet too. Great flavor!

The next step is the VEGGIES! Wash and cut the carrots and tomatoes. These multi-color carrots are so good. Rough chop the carrots, half the tomatoes, and rough chop half an onion. Add those things into the crock pot. Add some rosemary, or other herbs you like. I also added about a tablespoon of Siracha, about 1/4 cup of green salsa, and about 1/2 cup of water.

After that I set the crock pot on the 6 hour setting and forgot about it for a couple of hours

When finished, I made a few tacos with just the meat and carrots. Tastes great just like that. However, for the “feature”, I added a fried egg and some greens. SO GOOD! Messy, but good! 🙂

The Workout

7K Steps and a “Rogan”

The first goal this week is 7,000 steps at least 4 days this week. 7,000 steps anyway I can get em. Disc golf, grocery shopping, parking farther away in the lot. 7k steps are not too hard. It takes a little extra effort, but it has been an easy adaptation for me over the last few weeks.

The second goal is to do one “Rogan” this week at Nine Mile Creek. A “Rogan” is a workout I made up that is a trail walk with intermittent hill sprints. The trail at Nine Mile Creek in Bloomington is perfect for it. There is a nice trail to run/walk, mile markers (at almost) every 10th of a mile, and there are many steps or hills along the path.

A “Rogan” is walking the trail, sprinting every set of stairs and every hill, then doing alternating front kicks and high knees back down each hill or set of stairs.

I start at Moir Park. Then walk the trail to every access point, which are hills or set of steps. I sprint each hill or stairway, take a 20-second rest at the top, then do alternating sets of 20 kicks, 20 high knees, back to the trail and keep on walking to the next hill or stairway access point. *One of these times I will actually count how many (hills/stairs) there are.

Right around mile marker 1.7, there is a BIG hill. That is the last hill climb. After that hill sprint and descent, I walk back to mile 1.5. Then I do sprint/walk intervals from mile marker 1.5 to .5. Then I finish with a walk from .5 back to Moir Park. I usually walk around for a few minutes to cool off after.

I did a couple “half-Rogans” the last over the last few weeks in prep for this workout so I think it should go well. It’s a tough one, but after completing it, feels awesome!

Tabata Dumbbell Sets – Monday and Wednesday

I am mixing in some dumbbell work this week. Last week I pulled off one of the handles on my resistance band set; “with my awesome POWA” *Arnold voice.

I am in the process of repairing that. I think it’s just gonna use some good ole duct tape. 🙂

So with the busted handle on my band I am going to my old friends, the dumbbells.

The Set

Tabata format, more or less for structure. 8 X 20×10 x 2; and running two rounds on Monday and Wednesday. I am using lower weight since I have not done much free weight training recently. Slower controlled movements. About 75% max. Shooting for 8 to 10 reps of each exercise in the 20 seconds.

These are the 4 exercises. Repeat these once for a Tabata round. Take a 1-minute break, then repeat the whole Tabata Set.

  1. Shoulder Press
  2. Hammer Curls
  3. Dumbbell Scaption – Thanks to Men’s Health for that one!
  4. Bent Over Row

Yoga Video

To round of the work this week I found a good routine from Man Flow Yoga. This one is really good for a quick routine that will get a good stretch and provide a little challenge but nothing too hard. Even with the basic poses, this routine will generate some heat and a little sweat! Man Flow Yoga is great for guys like me who don’t know a ton about yoga but want to realize some of the benefits from it. Dean is a great instructor and the videos are top notch! Check out the Manflow Yoga channel and show some support for free videos!

Make It An Awesome Week!

There you have it, my friends. This has been the Workout of the Week from A huge thank you to the readers and the content providers! I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July this week!

Be happy and healthy my friends. Go out and be heroes! – like Rogan says, and like the title of The Music this week says! Make it an awesome week!

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