The “WOW” – Workout of the Week – The “Rogan”

The “WOW” – Workout of the Week – The “Rogan”

Good Morning! The “WOW” – Workout of the Week – this week at is what I call The “Rogan”.

This week I am encouraging everyone to get out and do something. Too often it seems that we are stuck in a sedentary life and we don’t move the way we should. Joe Rogan has some interesting opinions. One thing I do agree with Rogan on is his view on motivation, exercise, discipline, and working out. I started watching his podcast on YouTube because of how he talks about exercise and discipline stuff. I am not terribly fond of his comedy routines, which are funny but just not exactly my taste, but I enjoy the people he has on his podcast. Listening to his podcast with Mikhaila Peterson, who is a food blogger, eating a carnivore diet. That is a meat only diet! Sounds crazy to me but listening to her story on Rogan’s Podcast is sooooo interesting. I think this just adds to the fact that nutrition, and individual health, is probably unique to each individual person. The foods that work for one person to eat might not work for another person.

I believe that something more universally true is that exercise would benefit everyone, no matter what food you eat. That is really what The “Rogan” Workout is all about, and why I titled the WOW this week as such.

In this episode of the podcast, Rogan goes pretty deep on his thoughts about exercise. Which I totally agree with him on. His main point is that it doesn’t matter what you do, just get up and do something. It doesn’t have to be a long workout. It doesn’t have to be something you hate. Just get up and move more. Rogan’s “be the hero of your own story” talk is one that has continued to inspire me.

In that spirit I urge anyone reading to just get up and move a little more this week. Here is the workout that I am going to do:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week (weather permitting) I am going to do one of my favorite workouts, a trail walk/hill sprint hike. This fits right in with Joe Rogan, one of things he talks about is running hill sprints, I was inspired to do this workout from him talking about hill sprints. Hills sprints are amazing HIIT workout. The metabolism will be firing for hours after running hill sprints.

There is a trail where I live, that runs along a creek – Nine Mile Creek, in Bloomington, MN. The creek is in a valley. The trail is very well maintained. There are several access points along the path. The access points are all hills, that are either steps or sloped, paved paths. What I do is start at the trailhead, at Moir, and go out to mile marker 1.7. I walk the trail until I reach the start of each access point, which are all hills. I sprint up each hill, then I do high knees and front kicks down each hill, back to the trail. Then I continue walking to each access point/hill. I sprint each hill and do high knees or high kicks back down. Around mile marker 1.7 there is a BIhill. I go up and down that hill. It’s kind of the final hard interval of the workout. Then I will either walk back, or walk/jog each 10th of a mile. The trail has mile markers at each such interval. This makes it perfect to do interval training at.

I am going to be doing morning yoga routines. I will also probably be doing some bike sprints each morning, like tabata workouts. These are just a great, fast, easy way to get your metabolism kicking for the day. It gets your energy up! I think I am going to include some shadow boxing, with my ringside weighted gloves. This puts me in the zone to focus on the tasks I need to at my job, and the things I need to do try to and keep this “blog dream” thing I have going! Hard to explain, but shadow boxing is like creative meditation, or something like that, for which I am not sure how to exactly describe.

If the weather doesn’t work out, that is not going to be an excuse. I will alter plans and probably find a GCN video to workout to on my stationary bike. I have talked about GCN before, doing their bike videos is really what started this whole journey for me. Again I think GCN has the best content available for online cycling workouts. Their videos changed my life. This is like the source of me stopping being a lazy loser and the start of me going out and getting the goals I want to achieve. I go back to their workouts whenever I can I always feel amazing after pushing through one.

There we have it folks, The WOW, The “Rogan” Workout from Go get your goals people! Get up and move. Be happy and healthy my friends. Remember you can be the hero of your story! 

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