Yoga – Relieving Back Pain

Yoga – Relieving Back Pain

I have recently started doing yoga. I have learned that I can relieve my back pain pretty quickly.

I have had back pain for a long time. It comes and goes, and is mainly in my lower back. Much of it is from sitting for long periods of time, for many years. I have had a desk job now for about ten years. I also spent six of those years sitting behind my computer desk studying, while doing part-time college online, nights and weekends.

When working behind a desk for 8 to 10 hours a day and then studying about three hours a day beyond that, I didn’t get much exercise. I did buy my stationary bike five years ago now, but didn’t ride as consistently back then. Spending years in that sedintary lifestyle (along with my “SAD” diet) caused me to gain fat around my midsection which I think is probably the source of my lower back pain issue.

For along time I thought this pain was just something I would have to live with. Then I purchased a book (audio book from Audible actually), The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Yoga; A Practical Guide to Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit.

I had seen some YouTube videos about people doing DDP Yoga, and having amazing results – like Arthur Boorman!

I thought, “Maybe this Yoga stuff might be worth checking out”. So I binge-listened to that whole book, and now have been doing YouTube Yoga videos for about 45 days.

Man Flow Yoga is awesome! Please check out all their content!

DDP Yoga looks like a legit program. I found a few vidoes that show you some of the basic postures. I have not purchased the program, but I might. If anyone out there has tried DDP Yoga, I would like to hear what your experience was like. Please, leave a comment, or e-mail me through my contact page.

Yoga With Tim is equally great! Check out all the videos.

I also found a site that is like an encyclopedia of yoga poses – Yoga JournalĀ 

So after about a month and a half of doing yoga, I have found that I can relieve back pain fairly quickly by doing some yoga poses. This revalation is changing my life. I am doing Yoga almost everyday as part of my workouts now. I have been doing like a morning “salutation” type thing, and doing poses in the evening to relieve stiffness in my back.

Manflow yoga has a great video for back pain.

Yoga With Tim has a longer video focusing on relieving lower back pain.

Here is my routine to that I have developed, after doing routines like in the video links above.

  1. Child Pose – hold this for 10 (DEEEEEP Yoga) breaths
  2. Forward Fold – Standing Forward Bend for 5 breaths
  3. (From forward fold) – go into Standing Half Forward Bend and hold for 5 breaths
    • Repeat 2X
  4. (From standing half forward bend) – go into a Wide Legged Forward Bend
    • Hold for 5 breaths, stand up and “shake it out” for a 10 seconds, then repeat the Wide Legged Forward Bend for another 5 breaths
  5. Down Dog – hold for 5 breaths
  6. (From Down Dog) – Move into Up Dog – Hold for 5 breaths
    • Repeat this motion 3X
  7. Plank – Hold for 5 breaths
  8. (From Plank) – Do a Slow Push Up – Count out 5 to 10 seconds down and then back up
    • Repeat Plank to Slow Push Up – 2X
  9. Cat-Cow poses – I do at least 10 deep breaths.
  10. Mountain Pose – Hold for 10 breaths

I used to pop advil, tylenol, or other “pain killers” when I had back pain. Then I would just sit around. I never got any better!

About 4 years ago I decided to stop taking those pain killers. Exercise alone has helped dramatically in decreasing pain. Figuring out a clean eating plan greatly reduced inflamation in my body. Now learning how to relieve pain with yoga, is like adding another piece to the puzzle. Yoga really seems to center me as well – in ways I had never thought about or known were possible. Hard to explain, but easy to feel.

There you have it folks – That is how I am relieving my back pain with Yoga. Even just one or two of these poses helps. If you experience lower back pain, Yoga might be a way to get rid of the problem.

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