Two Weeks of … Butter Coffee? Oh Yeah! And its Awesome!

A few months ago I had no idea what Butter Coffee was. If you would have told me that I would be putting butter in coffee, I would have given you my “What-chu-talkin-bout?” look, with one eyebrow lifted up high; my impression of The Rock.

That was then.

In the last couple months I found Bullet Proof coffee and Butter Coffee through studying Keto-style eating and fitness stuff.

I have been adapting to a higher fat, lower carb, whole foods based diet. Not totally “keto” but probably close to that. I have started some time-phased eating. I wake up and do fasted-state-cardio workouts in the morning. I have been adapting to this type of diet for a few months.

My next step was to completely cut out breakfast. I am now eating two meals a day. My first at about 11:30 AM. Then my second meal by 8PM. It is my second full week on this eating schedule. I have tried Butter Coffee a couple times before but was not drinking it daily. Since switching to two meals a day I started using Butter Coffee as a meal replacement for breakfast.

Last Friday, I switched to Bullet Proof Coffee; with Bullet Proof brand Brain Octane Oil (an MTC Oil), and an Organic Ghee Butter; grass-fed, lactose free, with pink himalayan salt. I use organic Stevia powder as a sweetener. I got all my stuff on Amazon.

I dont know how to explain this to someone who has never tried it. Bullet Proof Coffee is amazing. I feel switched on, tuned in, happier, smarter, stronger, sharper, and more confident. They call it “rocket fuel for the brain”. I find that to be quite accurate! ZZZZING!

I have not changed anything with my workout routine – see my workout of the week posts – but two weeks ago I was 163lbs, now I am 159lbs. The current goal is 150lbs. I think Bullet Proof Coffee is actually helping towards that goal!

If anyone else out there has tried this, I would love to hear your experience.

**Anyone looking to try this – use Butter Coffee, or Bullet Proof Coffee as a meal replacement only! Do not drink this and then go eat donuts or bagels or carbs, that will not help you out.

**I think you probably want to be “keto-adapted” already before drinking Bullet Proof Coffee, or Butter Coffee.

**Maybe talk to a doctor first. At the very least do some of your own research. Maybe try it once before jumping into a daily ritual with it…. in other words, just be smart and be safe. 🙂

Be happy and healthy everyone! Remember that you can be the hero of your own story!

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