Another Two Weeks of Butter Coffee – One Month In and No Signs of Stopping!

Another Two Weeks of Butter Coffee – One Month In and No Signs of Stopping!

What? Butter Coffee? You have been drinking … Butter? … in your coffee… for a solid month? Are you insane?? 

Yes, I have been drinking butter coffee for a solid month. No, I don’t think I am insane. Could be up for debate based on your own definition of insanity, but that’s a much deeper conversation that what I am aiming at. 🙂

About two weeks ago I posted about my butter coffee trials. Read about it in my post Two Weeks Of Butter Coffee… When I wrote that post I had done two straight weeks of using butter coffee as a breakfast replacement in the morning. I added a clarified Ghee Butter and Brain Octane Oil to my recipe. I use organic stevia powder as sweetener. 

I have been keeping up with my workouts, not changing much of anything about my routine. Check out the WOW – Workout of the Week posts to see what my routine is like. I have been doing daily intermittenant fasting in combination with this whole workout and butter coffee routine. I have been doing a low-carb, higher-fat, mostly whole foods, eating plan. Keto-like, but nothing as strict as Keto. I don’t count calories. I don’t have specific amount of protein, or carbs, or fat intake levels I am trying to hit. I am adatped to operating with fat as a source of fuel. I do not eat much processed food, especially white flour based carbs. I try to avoid sugar. I have been eating this way for a long time, but have focused more on it in the last six months. I try to use a 90/10 rule. 90% of the time eat healthy, 10% eat what-ever-the-heck I want! — even with this idea I have been opting for choices like a fresh salad, at sit-down restaruant, over the big-greasy-burger and fries meal that I would have always favored in the past. 

Drinking butter coffee with the Brain Octane Fuel and Organic Ghee has been an improvement over the dairy based non-salted butter I had first tried this with. It just feels cleaner to me. Drinking butter coffee for the last month has albut made me forget about my cold brew set up that I got earlier in the summer.  This butter coffee thing really feels like “rocket fuel for the brain” to me. 

And in case we are worried about getting (physically) fat from it, I have stepped on the scale today and I was 156.7lbs. I have lost about 4lbs this month. It’s not 4lbs of muscle either. It’s 4lbs of body fat. 

So I see no signs of stopping. In fact I am looking to make it better.

I have been researching what other people are doing with this, and it seems like a common thing is to add collagen powder. I purchased collagen peptides and will be incorporating this into my morning butter coffee recipe.

An article at gives 5 main benefits for adding collagen:

  1. Ease joint pain
  2. Reverse skin aging
  3. Help build muscle and burn fat
  4. Reduce cellulite 
  5. Improve gut and digestive health 

I found some other great info about Bovine vs Marine Collagen at .

Bovine means from cows. They extact collagen from hides of cows. Marine means from fish. They extract collagen from fish scales and bones. 

I wanted to know if you could get collagen without supplementing, because don’t believe in using many supplements. For my info junkies who like to do their own research, here is an article that goes DEEEEP into collagen. I found the most common source of collagen in the diet comes from things like bone broth. Since I don’t have time to stew bones for hours on end, I am going to try supplementing in my coffee and see how it works. 

There we have it folks. A solid month of slugging back butter in my coffee every morning. The results are on the scale, in the way I feel, and in my mental clarity. 

***I am not a doctor or nutritionist, just a dude that wants to know about health stuff and be healthy. This is not medical advice. Try this at your own risk. Maybe talk to a doctor. At the very least do your own research to find out the risks and benefits of some of this stuff – like drinking butter coffee and intermittenant fasting. You probably don’t want to just start drinking butter coffee with your morning bagel or donut, for example. 

Be happy and healthy my friends! And remember, you can be the hero of your own story.



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