WOW – Workout of the Week – FTP Bike Session and “The Flow-Shredder”

The Workout of the Week (WOW) for the week here at is an FTP Bike session and “The Flow Shredder”. 

The bike session is a great “virtual trainer” style video. This one is from CTXC. CTXC has several great videos on their youtube channel. Be sure to check them out! These are great sessions to get down, work hard, and develop grit. The camera perspective puts you right there in the action and the group “snake” riding will make you forget you are on a stationary bike. These videos give the feeling of racing right along with the all riders. I think it creates a psychological trick that makes me work harder! 

The full workout plan this week is as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning: CTXC Video

Ride this 35 minute CTXC Video. Ride this at perceived Functional Threshold of Power (FTP). If you are unfamiliar with FTP training, here is an article about it. This is not a sprint video. This is a “sweetspot” or FTP video. Longer durations of power exersion, so work accordingly. Don’t kill it, pace it. 

To find my FTP, I do not use a power meter. I base my FTP on the level of perceived exersion I can sustain for an hour. Anyone can figure this out by paying attention to their riding. A good way to pace this video for me is to ride about 10% under FTP on the hard effort durations and about 40% under FTP on the recovery times. The longer time really challenges me after doing sprint training. 

Tuesday and Thursday morning: 

Tuesday and Thursday morning this week I will be doing a modified version of “The Fat-Shredder”, I am calling it “The Flow-Shredder”. If you have checked out the last few WOWs, The Fat-Shredder is a full-body tabata style workout I have been doing. The “Flow-Shredder” is the same workout, but without the bike sprints. This as more of a “flow” workout than a all-out intense one. I am doing 80%-on, 40%-off and just keep moving throughout. Here is the exact workout: 

Rounds one and two:

**I am using my Ringside brand weighted gloves for the punching rounds. If you don’t have weighted gloves, you could use small dumbells if you have them, or just use your bare hands. 

Set 1: 80% and 40% off instead of all out. 20 seconds, jog in place for 10 seconds 

  1. Punch combo – 1-2 combo. Jab, Cross. 1-2, 1-2, for 20 seconds. – jog in place 10 seconds
  2. Squats – 20 seconds – jog in place 10 seconds
  3. Tuck jumps – 20 seconds – a squat followed by a jump, then pull your knees up, into a “tuck” at the top of the jump – jog in place 10 seconds
  4. Big upper-cuts, left-right-left-right punch combo – Throw 5-6-5-6 big uppercuts for 20 seconds, jog in place for 10 seconds.

Then repeat to finish the set.

Rounds three and four:

Set 2: 80%, 20 seconds – on, and 40%, 10 seconds, jog in place – off

  1. 1-2-3-4 punch combo – 20 seconds, jog in place 10 seconds
  2. Squat Jumps – 20 second squats jumps, jog in place 10 seconds
  3. Switch lunge jumps – 20 seconds switch lunge jumps, jog in place 10 seconds
  4. 1-3-head duck-2-combo – left jab, left hook, head duck right, right cross combo – 20 seconds, jog in place 10 seconds

Then repeat to finish set.

Rounds five and six: 

Set three is core work. T-push ups, flat plank, and side planks! Work for 20 seconds, complete rest for 10 seconds, with deep breathing. 

  1. T-push ups – work 20 seconds, complete rest 10 seconds – Take deep breaths when resting
  2. Flat plank
  3. Right side plank 
  4. Left side plank 

Then repeat to finish the set.


We are doing yoga stretches for rounds seven and eight. Use Dynamic resistance, which means engaging your muscles. Practice yoga breathing while holding the poses.

Hold pose for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds – I go into forward fold for 10 seconds after each. 

Deep breathing is a absolute key to get the most benefit out of these stretches. 

  1. Diamond Cutter Posture – check out DDP Yoga to see this. Think of doing a flow posture with dynamic resistance. 
  2. Forward Fold
  3. Down Dog
  4. Up Dog
  5. Runner’s Lunge right
  6. Warrior One Right – using dynamic resistance
  7. Runner’s Lunge Left
  8. Warrior One Left – using dynamic resistance
Repeat for set 8. 

And there you have it folks, the WOW for the week of 8/5/18. A great FTP ride courtesy of CTXC, and “The Flow-Shredder”! 

Be happy and healthy my friends! If this post adds value to your day, please let me know by hitting that like button. Subscribe to for more. See what happens when you become the hero of your own story! 

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