Workout Video Of The Week: 7/2/18

GCN HIIT Cycling Video:
30 minute HIIT training

Good Morning!

The workout video of the week this week is taking it back to my bread and butter training. This training, on my stationary bike, with GCN (and a few others but GCN is by far my go-to spot), got me from 240lbs to about 190lbs, with no diet changes. I got to about 190lbs and hit plateau. That is where I had to really nail down the nutrition side. Check out other posts for that. 

HIIT training burns a lot of calories in a comparatively short period of time, next to other workout programs. There are also many other reasons to try HIIT training. If you are unfamiliar with HIIT and it’s benefits, here is a great article that talks about 7 Benefits of HIIT workouts. Check out the article for more but here is a quick summary of these 7 benefits of HIIT workouts:

  1. Burn a high amount of calories in a short amount of time
  2. Increase metabolism for hours after workout ends
  3. Burns fat and shrink fat cells in the body
  4. Build and gain muscle
  5. Improve your oxygen consumption
  6. Improve heart health and blood pressure 
  7. Reduce your blood sugar levels 

*Article by Grant Tinsley, PhD, from Healthline

If those 7 benefits are not enough to win you over. I say try doing this video for a couple weeks and see how great you feel. That was why I stuck with HIIT for so long. It made me feel amazing. These workouts are great stress relievers. Because most are only about 30 minutes or less, you will not waste your whole day at the gym and you will see awesome results if you go all out! 

The one thing I will say with these workouts is to do it right, you have to give it your all. 

This week I am doing the attached video on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will mix in one of the boxing videos on the off days to allow for recovery and variety. 

I always do an extra warm up routine before getting on the bike. 

Make sure you are warm and ready to ride.

When riding try to control your breath by breathing in deeply through the nose and breathing out slowly through the mouth. 

  • At first, this should be hard to do. If you are not out of breath doing HIIT, you need to go harder! 

HIIT Sessions require max effort to get the best benefit.

HIIT Training is amazing. It helped me change my attitude, my health, and my entire trajectory in life! Maybe it could help you too. 

Give a try! What have you got to lose?  


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